Monday, July 2, 2012

Pam's,"Swimsuit Illustrated Issue" (2012)

Call it_Togs,Bathers,Cossies,One-Piece Bikini,Thongs,Burqini,Tankini,Monokini,Classic
Era Nude,etc.._
Women's bathing suits have reaallllly evolved from this 1855 Women's bathing Suit!
                                      Bloomers & Black Stocking
Wow..Well Dressed Swimmer,Indeed! Considering early History shows the Romans and Greeks Ala' Nude!However,I'm thinking History is repeating itself nowdays_considering some of the swim attire or lack of fabric on today's swimwear.In various cultures,one swims, if not in the nude, in a version of suitable material,a garment or undergarment commonly worn on land, i.e.loincloth such as the Japanese man's other words a strip of fabric surrounding the "private areas"of man or woman!

 Female bathing costumes were derived from those worn at Bath,England and other spas.During the 1670s nude female bathing in the spas was the norm.Nude swimming was ban in the UK in 1886.Women had to wear "A Decent Shift" on their bodies after 1886.And,the fabric of chioce for these poor souls was Flannel! It was believed the warmer fabric was necessary in cold water...mmm there would be some dead bodies floating around here in Texas in flannel!

In the Victorian Era, popular beach resorts were commonly equipped with "bathing machines" designed to avoid the exposure of people in swimsuits, especially to people of the opposite sex.

Beauty Contest in America of women in bathing costumes became popular from the 1880s.However, such contests were not regarded as respectable.These Contest became more respectable with the first modern "Miss America"contest held in 1921.Norman Rockwell was a Judge in 1922.Now here's a one-piece number for you thong wearing,bikini lovers:
Aussie Annette Kellerman in 1907 was arrested for "INDECENT EXPOSURE" because her swimsuit showed arms, legs and the neck. Kellerman changed the suit to have long arms and legs and a collar, still keeping the close fit that revealed the shapes underneath.What The What??????

These form fitting garments and glamour photography(1940's& 50's) which often featured people wearing swimsuits made this style popular.Aka,"Hour-glass figure","Coca Cola Bottle figure"Syndrome!!! This evolved into swimsuit photography exemplified by the annual "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue".Beauty contests also required contestants to wear form-fitting swimsuits. The 1980's brought the "Thong" from Brazil...and as they say the rest is History.....Here's a look at some icons in swimsuits...

                                                   1930's Jean Harlow

                                                  1950's Esther Williams

                                                   1951 Marilyn Monroe

                                                    1956 Bette Page
                                                    1976 Farrah Fawcett

                                                     1979 Bo Derek

                                                    2001 Angelina Jolie

                                                   2002 Halle Berry

                                                    2007 Beyonce

                                     2008 Helen Mirren at 63 yrs young!

           And,what's an Olympic Game without controversy...
Keeping up the Aussie Tradition_Stephanie Rice_Australian Olympic Swimmer Tweet Pic!

Ah,I have not forgotten about the Guys...but coming off "Magic Mike Opening Weekend"...enough said!Nothing could possibly compare to Magic Mike..heard the lines in DC were 2 Blocks thick!

Now here's _"My Style" of swimwear with a couple bottles of Shiraz & a good book.....

So,Ladies_Start Your Engines..mmm wrong one_Start Your Itty,Bitty,SwimSuit Wearing..& Let The Games Begin!As for me,Bob says it best.....

~Well me don't swim too tough so me don't go in the water too deep~Bob Marley~

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