Tuesday, July 17, 2012

~Sagebook Whisperer Book Review~

I've been called Tutti,PW,Pammy P,Doddley,Sweetlee,Hubba Bubba,"Hyacinth BUCKET" as in..

one of my favorite British Comedies_"Keeping Up Appearances"...um,I need to add that to my list of reading..."Keeping Up Appearances:Book of Etiquette for the Socially Less Fortunate" by Roy Clarke...But back to the name calling.I just consider myself a "Voracious Reader",indeed! So,I've decided to share book reviews as I complete my readings on the Summer/Fall Reading List 2012_(list near bottom of page).

I finished  "The Creoles of Louisiana"by George W.Cable_which was published in 1884 as a historical look at the unique culture of the white descendants of the early French and Spanish immigrants born in the New World_America. As opposed to the "Gens De Couleur" of French & Spanish & African descend. I wrote several Blogs on "The Third Race" in February 2012.....

The fact that the state was considered a European destination_right here in America was a different perspective that never occurred to me.The difficult thing was learning how the mindset of the "Creoles" (stubborn & proud & in denial) caused many of the problems that arose_and still exist today.We all remember Hurricane Katrina! The book was centered on New Orleans.The flooding issue because of the geographical makeup of NO being built on a thin crust of mud,the raw sewage problems,no desire to educate the young,the year's of Yellow Fever,Asiatic Cholera & the annual digging out/cleaning of the canals which lead to more Epidemics that continued from 1776 to 1853.In 1853 on one day August 11_203 people died,by August 20th the weeks mortality was 1,534 dead_and over a 24 hour period  August 22_ 283 deaths_every five minutes a person would die.Now,I know why the graves are above ground in NO because it's built on a thin crust of mud.!

Yet,the newspaper and The City Father's refused to print any information or Quarantine the city.They did NOT want to alarm the citizens.I think if that many people are dying per day,per minute...a normal person might say..wait a minute,something is wrong! The fact that early "Creoles" did not take to & ignored the Northern states development/investments in manufacturing,expansion of the railroads,building larger ships to handle commerce,education,etc.hurt the progress of the city immensely. Rather the powerful "Planters/Plantation Owners" of the time,favorite investment was land & the cruel labor of slaves.Creoles became known as the "do-nothing people"..just wait it out..we'll see what happens!
In conjunction with reading the above book_I read "The Feast of All Saints"by Anne Rice.I saw the movie in Feb.2012 while researching information on the "Gens de Couleur" the Free People of Color. It was a great movie_but I knew the book had more.It did not disappoint. Before the Civil War,a unique people descended from African slaves,& the French  and Spanish settlers. Anne Rice writes a dazzling account of  several families intertwined with privilege,pain,passion,love,oppression and all kinds of issues.She walks one through this amazing time period....it's as if you're apart of the written words.

The symbiotic relationship between these two books was amazing!Each enlightened and created a   mutually beneficial effect.

So,I'll continue on this reading journey_I've made Annual List for some 10 years now! And,I'll share with you the journey by blogging a "Book Review" from time to time.Next up is an interesting double read_"The Scarlett Contessa:A Novel of the Italian Renaissance"by Jeanne Kalogridis + "Scandalous Women,The Lives & Loves of History's Most Notorious Women"by E.Mahon.

Guess I need to get busy....but as a final thought on name calling...I'm setting the record straight.I've got a name..I like_

~Soooooooo,get Your Sexy On,READ!~
                                     ~The Sagebook Whisperer~

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