Monday, June 25, 2012

~BEWARE~It's Magic Mike Week~

A little something HOT for Texas that's some hard shoes to fill_BUT,here you go..All husbands,boyfriends,significant others or girls,women in general_ "BEWARE ALL THIS WEEK"_should your find females or some males acting strange ... It's Raining Men this week..."HALLELUJER"!

Coming to a theater near you_"MAGIC MIKE", & The Boys_June 29,2012! There's...Dallas,Magic Mike,The Kid,Paige,Ken _and none other than Big Dick Richie_all ready to roll at Club Xquisite!

Now,that's all good_but when I saw The Trailer,The Poster,Maroon 5 w/Adam Levine (my other boyfriend) singing my all time favorite,"Moves Like Jagger", Matthew "Fine Anatomical Specimen of a Man" McConaughey...I've already started to get dressed to drive...No wait.. I'm gonna Ride a Horse ,No... a Cowboy to await the opening day..
Destination:one way ticket to Club Xquisite!

                             ~ Home Grown Uvalde,Texas..Matthew McConaughey~

Seems Channing Tatum back in 2010,told an Australian newspaper he'd like to do a movie about his experiences as a Stripper in Tampa,Florida when he was a just a baby at 19 years old.Tatum picked Director Nicholas Refn of "Bronson"(2008)movie fame.But,Oscar Winning Steven Soderbergh got the nod. Soderbergh of Sex,Lies & Videotapes(1989),Ocean Twelve(2004)& Thirteen(2007); Oscar winning Traffic(2000) & Erin Brockovich(2000) in the same year! So off we go to work_
Indeed,"Men at Work"...A Capital idea!!!!! So,this Independent Film started filming September 2011,wrapped in late October 2011_110 minutes,$5 Million Budget_Warner Brothers acquired US distribution rights October 27,2011...opening DAY June 29,2012 ! Then The Boys perfected their SIX PACKS:

Manganiello "Big Dick Richie" above was ranked #1 on Men's Health magazine's best Summer Bodies of 2011, as well as one of the World's 25 Fittest Guys by Men's Fitness magazine and the winner of Us Weekly's 2011 "Sharp Dressed Man" Award. He was also named the summer of 2011's Hottest Supernatural Being – Male, byEntertainment Weekly.

And,then they just had to use one of my FAVORITE all times jams..."MOVES LIKE JAGGER" with another one of my main squeezes...Adam Levine_mmm.should I wear My Moves Like Jagger T-Shirt?


This little original "Independent Film" called "MAGIC MIKE"is about to make some dollar money,mo money,$$$$$$.....

So,me & my Girlfriend Peeps are having a little "Magic Mike Brunch"with Champagne,hiring a Limo Driver,catching a Matinee,Destination: Club Xquisite!!!!!!!!! 

Dallas(Matt McConaughey)says:
"The Law says you can't touch...BUT..I think I see alot of LawBreakers up in this house". Hallelujer!It's Raining Men....Grab your friends and have a Magic Mike Parteee....before I go,it's important to remember.....

           ~Don't Forget To Tip Your Stripper~Peace Out...

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