Tuesday, June 12, 2012

~Doctor's Bad_"BS"_ Manners

After my recent yearly visit to my Family Practice doctor's office,I'm determined to find a doctor on this "Universe" that has good "Bedside Manners"! He's a nice person BUT_I hate when people ask a question, you start to answer & you're abruptly cut-off from your answer.He asked me what was my daily choice of food,to which I stated mostly the Mediterranean Diet,commencing to say things like brown rice,couscous,tabouli with lots of veg...BAM_the good doctor says_ "Those are all Carbs"! I'm like really!...could I finish please.So,I educated the Doc on what just maybe he didn't know about_
This explanation so reminded me of my 18 years as a Medical/Hospital Professional Sales Representative_ explaining to doctors (most rude/abrupt)about the products in my little "brown bag"_yet they wanted all those "goodies" Rx.companies offer them..but no time to listen.It got to this, in order for the Doc to see you_all reps had to wine & dine the staff_bring lunch everyday,take groups of Docs to exclusive restaurants after-hours,please! And,yep it's true_Doctors don't know everything_as they would have you believe! Now this is not the first time the scenario played out_it has on several occasions.So...it's time to "Make A Change" before I go Full Throttle on him_to STH-up,let me finish before you contradict! Okay!...I'm settling down now.

"If you want an idea of how much patients value a pleasant personality in their physician, consider that the Medical College of Ohio's largest individual gift ever, $1.9 million, came with the demand it be used to teach bedside manner.(2005)

The Ruth Hillebrand Clinical Skills Center, dedicated by the Toledo school was borne of the estate of a New York psychologist who felt she had bad experiences with rude doctors. As the school told it, Hillebrand's doctor in New York called her late one night and told her she had mesothelioma. He said there was no treatment and no cure. Then he hung up."Whoa!!! Read the
article here: http://www.ama-assn.org/amednews/2005/03/21/prl20321.htm

Even Hollywood got in on the act in 1945_although a comedy_ "Bedside Manners"movie!

Let me be clear_BEDSIDE MANNERS_ refers most often to the way a doctor interacts and communicates with patients.Used in a positive way means a doctor is a good communicator, while one without a bedside manner may offend or may be "overly abrupt" with patients.Poor "BS" Manners can manifest as arrogance, failure to listen to a patient, abruptness, dismissal of a patient’s fears, and rudeness! This can also apply to Nurses or other Health Care _so called Professionals!

Although,there are many increasing factors that can cause this "B-BS", like time crunch_no time to listen_which can mean crucial information missed when a patient is not given enough time;quality of care compromised,patient compliance can be low,tendency to intimidate or cause the patient fear.."white coat syndrome"(I do not have this syndrome because I'll Call you Out!);and there's a host of other "blah,blah,blah" circumstances.

Concern about "B-BS" manner has increased in the past few years causing many Medical Schools to provide training courses for both doctors and nurses!! And ,some hospitals even test the docs/nurses with mock patients to test their nerves!!!

My saving Grace for this scenario _I had to get my laugh on with my "FAVORITE DOCTOR OF ALL TIMES"_Doc Martin (Martin Clunes).BBC/PBS to the rescue. He's surly,tactless,self-centered,and uptight_but he's the only doctor in town. Here's a clip _check out his first kiss with Louisa (he admires her,but can't find the words)after the first KISS,you really don't expect some one to say,"I assume you have a regular Dental Hygiene routine BUT _you have Bad Breath! in so many words....Clip #9 at 11:15secs_"ABSOLUTELY BLOODY HILARIOUS"..here you go..

Oh and despite,Doc Martin's relationship with the town dog that loves him_in real life he's written a book called "A Dog's Life"_he loves Dogs! My local PBS station just started to air Series 5,yea!I purchased DVD Doc Martin Collection Series 1-4_you'll find the link to the right of the page(Amazon).I loved the music so much,I purchased the CD_Doc Martin Music by Colin Towns...awesome relaxing,chillin' jazz music ..makes you feel like you're in Portwenn!

Catch the complete first Episode here...enjoy!

Bottom line_"BEDSIDE MANNERS MATTER"!.If you don't like someone, you're probably not going to listen to them and do what they want you to do...Hell "MANNERS"are just important..be it Doctor,Lawyer or Indian Chief!

I'm so over my current_soon to be FIRED doctor,I've helped to pay for his second Mercedes...Now......meet my new doctor_

Enough "BS" for Today....

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