Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Milk Bottles & Books

I MUST have asked for a bottle of Milk & A Book to read _even from the cradle! I have always loved BOOKS!The funny thing is ..books teach us about so much in our lives.Think about it..You read a book to learn where to travel,learn how to cook,learn about other cultures,learn about lives of others, about fantasies,even a book to learn how to read in the first grade,and on & on. Books became my obsession around my 6th year of life.And ,as they say "the rest is history".

I've had my favorites along the way..to many to name! But ,the thought of being "A SAGE BOOK WHISPERER",struck me as being a statement to my relationship with books.I was reminded of  the book_"The Man Who Listens to Horses" by Monty Roberts

I imagined the synergy between Monty and his horses_and got a visual on my relationship with books.I DO hear books talking,telling me of something,someone AND yes,I talk back with a visual inside my head or an audible of some kind. As far as Sage..Yes,I'm old enough to say that..thank-you very much.To talk softly and privately to yourself & hear the book talk back is a "Zen Moment Extraordinaire".I'm intent on sharing with you how books have whispered to me,challenging my inner SOUL to act.Join me!

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