Friday, September 30, 2011


True Confession..I cheated on my husband!Well,not really BUT.Here's the thing,I love Pizza and anything Caramel.So,this is my story,and I'm sticking to it!.

Earlier this week I was craving a long time friend that I"d stayed away from.. I knew he was "Dangerous".We'd had a few tete a tete's before in private dimmed dining areas,or out in the open air,while sipping a nice glass of luscious,velvety Cabernet Sauvignon..Hell a couple of times we drink the whole bottle while emoting sounds of LOVE! This "Hunter Got Captured By The Game". I know that everyday brings change and the World puts on a different face.Certain things rearrange and suddenly this old World seems like a "new" place.Secretly,I'd been thinking about him,like a Fox thinks about a Rabbit.I just had to get him again....he was the "CATCH"_ I was after.Well,I looked up and I was in his arms, AGAIN_our LIPS LOCKED and I knew I had been captured!!! What's this World coming to? Things just ain't the same_I'd laid a tender trap,hoping he'd fall into it.Then ,Love hit me with a sudden slap,one KISS & then I knew it_my plan just didn't work out like I thought. You see,I'd laid my trap for him, BUT I got caught.What's this World coming to,things just ain't the same when the "Hunter gets Captured by the Game". Oh,did I say his NAME? say my name,say my name......

                                           "SWISS CHARD PIZZA"

                                          "SWISS CHARD PIZZA MINUS 1"

To complicate matters,the third leg of this "Affaire de Coeur"..Caramel_ stepped in the door_and Caramel had me at Hello!
                                          "Caramel Cookies & The Help,Caramel Tea"

I wolfed down a couple of these bad "Caramel" boys_doused them with Caramel Tea_and I was Good to Go! Made from a boxed Caramel Cake mix..Ms.Duncan Hines _You did know that you could make cookies from cake mix? When you Go just don't Go Back!

SO,now I'm a Happy Woman,feeling the Love deep inside me!Now,if I can fasten my pants..I'm in good shape & happily anticipating my NEXT...Menage A're out there,you know who you are..hold on I'm coming!

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