Thursday, April 7, 2016

ALL Roads lead to Downton Abbey REHAB!

I think I'm on the ROAD to Recovery! Downton Abbey was my favorite Sunday evening past time on PBS...DA Cabernet Sauvignon uncorked & ready to be poured,no phone calls...just Me and the DA Crew....

Thomas says it well...I'm getting stronger! But it's hard after 52 glorious Episodes and Six Seasons from 1-9-2011 to 3-6-2016_What's a girl to do? I know !Order More Wine! Keep the Six Packs coming... 
         My Favorite.... 

NOT sure if I follow all those Rules...well,at less I use a Wine Aerator! My greatest Wine discovery from this show was "Claret"....very nice glass of Wine....Coppola Wines makes a good one~bottled enclosed in gold wiring. 

This brings me back to my REHAB...just doesn't seem fair now with DA Series forever! Without DA on Sunday evening,I'm questioning...

Be That As It May...I started to ponder about other Series in which I had the same sentiment.Some of YOU will NOT remember these but here goes my all time favorites of TV Land.

Peyton Place is an American prime-time soap opera which aired on ABC in half-hour episodes from 9-15-1964 to 6-2-1969...I was 15 years old when it first aired!!

Based upon the 1956 novel of the same name by Grace Metalious,the series was preceded by a 1957 film adaptation.A total of 514 Episodes were broadcast in black & white from 1964 to 1966 and in color from 1966 to 1969.At the show's peak,ABC ran three episodes a week.A number of guest stars appeared in the series for extended periods,among them Dan Duryea,Susan Oliver,Leslie Nelson,Gena Rowlands and Lee Grant(won an Emmy).The series served a s a springboard for Mia Farrow,Ryan O'Neal,Barbara Parkins,Lana Woods. 

The 1957 Film preview:

The 1964 TV preview:
That was one Damn good TV Series...I read all of her books,Peyton Place,Return To Peyton Place,Tight White Collar & No Adam For Eve,purchased the 1957 Film & followup film_"Return to Peyton Place" & was able to find 94 DVD Disc online for the TV Series of 1964,visited all the towns that the book was based upon(Gilmanton,Laconia,Alton & Manchester,NH where Grace was born)_when we lived in New Hampshire! A Fan or WHAT????

#2 DALLAS TV Series 
Dallas is an American prime-time television soap opera that aired from April 2,1978 to May 3,1991 with 357 Episodes and 14 Seasons.The series revolves around a wealthy and feuding Texas family_The Ewing's_who own the independent oil company Ewing Oil and the cattle-ranching land of Southfork.The series originally focused on the marriage of Bobby Ewing and Pamela Barnes,whose families were sworn enemies with each other. As the series progressed,oil tycoon J.R.Ewing grew to be the show's main character,whose schemes and dirty business became the show's trademark.When the show ended in May 1991,J.R. was the only character to have appeared in every episode.The show was famous for its cliffhangers,including the "Who Shot J.R.?mystery.

Dallas Season 1 1978 preview..
Aired first on Saturday nights,moved to Sunday then Friday Nights until 1991. A couple of Reunion TV  Shows also aired.

#3 DYNASTY TV Series 
Dynasty is an American prime-time television soap opera that aired from 1-12-1981 to 5-11-1989.Created by Richard & Esther Shapiro and Produced by Aaron Spelling,the show revolved around the Carringtons_a wealthy family residing in Denver ,Colorado.It was the competitor to DALLAS. John Forsythe was Oil Magnate Blake & Linda Evans was his new wife Krystle.The Fun starts when his Ex-Wife Joan Collins(Alexis) arrives! By 1985 Dynasty was the #1 show in the United States. Other cast members included Pamela Sue Martin,Heather Locklear,Diahann Carroll,Emma Samms,Rock Hudson,etc. It was one of the first shows that highlighted  the subject of homosexuality...Stephen(Blake's son) was a closet gay at the time. 
Undoubtedly,the most famous Dynasty cliffhanger is the so-called "Moldavian Massacre" during the May 15,1985 5th season finale! A Royal Wedding is interrupted by terrorists during a Military coup in Moldavia...60 million viewed. Then of course the rivalry between Alexis & Krystle with many catfights_especially "THE LILY POND" brawl.....that was good!
 There were many extra television events and a Spin-off called "The Colby's".Nolan Miller (Costume Designer) created by DEMAND from Viewers a women's clothing line~The Dynasty Collection~ and books were written influenced by the popularity of the series.

The Nolan Miller~Dynasty Collection~ inspired many  young & older women to wear SHOULDER PADS...tooo funny! 

Here's How they Compare...
Peyton Place_514 Episodes_5 Seasons_1964 to 1969
Dallas_357 Episodes_14 Seasons_1978 to 1991 
Dynasty_220 Episodes_9 Seasons_1981 to 1989
Downton Abbey_52 Episodes_6 Seasons_2011 to 2016 

NOTE: When Peyton Place aired on TV in 1964_ABC hoped to bring the Soap Opera to America like England's successful "Coronation Street" soap.Thus...PEYTON PLACE marked the birth of Prime-Time American Soap Operas! 

With all this THERAPY & Wine at the plush Downton Abbey's  REHAB (undisclosed location)...I still miss the waging Tale..... 

Hats off to Julian Fellows for writing such a beautiful and captivating story line. 

I fell in love with him when I saw him in "Monarch of the Glen" where he played Kilwillie! I still laugh just thinking about that role. Between Seasons of Monarch he started writing Downton Abbey! His works are awesome to name a few...Gosford Park,The Young Victoria.....AND,Drum Roll...he's working on "The Gilded Age"

Hats Off to the Actors that made it happen...I will survive!

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