Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Whoa...I'm NOT talking NBC's ~The Voice~ NOPE! First off,I love all of the Judges...well maybe not CeeLo Green & Christina Aguilera so much_but the others have been Awesome! Especially, MY Secret Boyfriend Blake Shelton! Shhh,my husband doesn't know just yet. 

Love_his Charming demeanor,good looks and personality. 

This Blog Post is about a recent Event I attended_of which at some point I just "Excused Myself" to give my ears a Rest. Honestly, I really thought the Days Of Paris Hilton,Brittany Spears_"SPEAK" had disappeared. Boy,was I wrong.I'm Talkin'_ 

It was Non-Stop,Ebb & Flow Decibels,Octaves at  a FREQUENCY of 440 Hz with the Highest Note above 880 Hz+...Annoying! I thought those VOICES  had faded with the 80's as in FAD. Picture this_small room in a basement of an 101 year old Hotel for a Wedding Reception filled with Late Twenty somethings into Early Thirty somethings Women.At one point,I just wanted to be totally CRAY-CRAY,stand up & Shout above the Noise_ Just Stop! 

It was like Mariah Carey Highest Octave on Steroids"x 20+ people talking at the same time  greater than the highest vocal Octave known to Man_10!!


I realized that these Young Women came up during the 80's Era of...
                                 BARBIE SYNDROME 

                                  BRITTANY SPEARS

                                        PARIS HILTON

At some point, I morphed into that ValleySpeak in my head! I Kept repeating to myself...

Honestly, I have not been around this age group_ (THANK GOD)_ for any period of time. Maybe this is the way Young Women speak_ I rationalized. These are all EDUCATED Young Women of all ETHNIC GROUPS,University Graduate,Successful,etc.

I shared my experience with a good friend_she started laughing because_she'd been invited to a Bridal Shower the SAME weekend,encountered the same_"VOICE"_& excused herself shortly thereafter as well. NOTE: I do NOT believe that all Young Women talk like this...it's only a certain sector of the population!They have been in Training since the 80's  & can NOT change_as they are "Vested in that VOICE"! 

So,I started to google on this "Valley Speak Syndrome".Urban Dictionary is not so KIND in their definition _A spoiled, idiotic adolescent female from the Southwestern part of the United States, typically rich and white, whose language is insulting to human intelligence. Proof that the San Andreas fault needs to hurry up with sinking California back into the Pacific Ocean.Just watch the "Clueless" movie or TV show to see a good example of what a valley girl is.

Here are a few examples of "The VOICE": 
Seems, The height of the "Valley Girl" period was during 1982-83, with several films, shows and music of the New Wave Era embodying the "Valley" atmosphere of the San Fernando Valley during that time. In 1982, composer Frank Zappa released the single "Valley Girl", with his 14-year-old daughter Moon Unit speaking typical "Valley Girl" phrases. Zappa intended to lampoon the image, but after the song's release there was a significant increase in the "Valspeak" slang usage, whether ironically spoken or not.The 1982-83 CBS TV show Square Pegs featured Tracy Nelson playing Jennifer DeNuccio, a popular Valley Girl at the high school.The 1983 film Valley Girl starring Nicolas Cage centered on a group of "Valley Girl" characters and featured several characterizations associated with their lifestyle (such as going shopping at the mall or"Galleria" suntanning at the beach, and going to parties).The protagonist of the 1995 film Clueless has been described as a caricature of 1990s "Valley Girls," though she is actually from nearby Beverly Hills. 

Then there's this...The high rising terminal (HRT), also known as upspeak, uptalk, rising inflection, or high rising intonation (HRI), is a feature of some accents of English where declarative sentences are uttered with rising-pitch intonation. 


AT 2:58 ...she says _"It INQUIRES...I think she meant REQUIRES? NOT my recollection of what a  Kentwood,Louisana a rural town in Tangipahoa Parish,Louisiana near the Mississippi border, population was 2,205 at the 2000 census sounds like. This is toned down from earlier days. 

Bottom line,this drove me INSANE!  

It was a Memorable experience that will linger in my Memory...."just sayin". Pray tell me NOT every young Educated Woman  or Man has the "VALLEY SPEAK  Syndrome" in 2015 ??? 
Recuperating Nicely... 

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