Friday, July 12, 2013

~The Fan-Tabulous~ Beekman Boys 1802~

"The Bonny Bards of Beekman Square".....have stolen my heart again! I received this book via post on 7-10-13_Done & Done on 7-11-13...all 304 pages PLUS 15 more pages called P.S.! My first introduction to this pair was on my favorite show_

_cast of "The Amazing Race" Season 21! I was pulling for them sooooo hard,there's probably still scratch marks on my sofa & Meyer Lemon Popcorn embedded in the leather! Here's the Finale Play by Play....Beekman Boys, S-C-O-R-E!!!Winners. 

Well, this little "gem of a book" was & is my Summer Delight!!! Considering it wasn't even on my Summer Reading List 2013 (shown near the bottom of my Blog).Written by Josh Kilmer-Purcell it is an open book to the lives of two Manhattanites becoming "Gentlemen Farmers".

Although, our lives are not the same in many ways & that's all good_our Human experiences as Humans & "Want-to-be Farmers"_"Keepers-of-the -Land is the same! I've confessed many blogs ago that I'm a 60's Hippie I'm a Tree Hugger...get over it! So,here's the deal_

Winter at The Beekman Farm c.1802_Sharon Springs,NY

A "RARE TEXAS NOR'Easter"(2010) at Aaron's Hilltop Farm,N.Tx. c.1893

From left_Professor Bo-Jangles from Corn-Nail University & Jack & Jill...they all went downhill in the 2010 Texas Nor'easter!!!!!


Another Day on the Beekman Farm...

Cowpen Daisies in the pasture at Aaron's Hilltop Farm...

The Crew in Charge at the Beekman Farm...that's Polka Spot the beautiful Llama with her friends The Goat Boys & Girls!

Feeding Frenzy at the Beekman Farm....

"The Beautiful One" at the Beekman Farm...

This is "I'm Too Sexy For Myself" at Aaron's Hilltop Farm!

That's "Curly Top Elvis" in the Haus (brown &white) with Bonnie & Clyde(the little ones)and Brownie's Butt to the Aaron's Hilltop Farm!

Feeding Frenzy at Aaron's Hilltop Farm! "Farmer John Deere" (aka my husband)_feeds the Goats "SWEET CORN"_ they go crazy!

1939 John Deere "Johnny Popper"_still runs like a Champ!

And of course, Josh's Garden Partner_Bubby

My outside Farm Cat amongst the other 14_that are on Duty 24/7 for the "Copperhead Snakes Watch"...

                                 This is "Puff Daddy"....

and this is the inside Cat-PERSON...Hank "The CowCat"_watching a movie with me! 

"The Beautiful One" Hank! His favorite Summer spot on the Montag 1900's Cookstove!!!!!

And,my "ITSY" looking in the French Doors! So cute.

Aahhh,yes and the Fruits & Veggies...all Organic of course_
The Raised Beds of Beekman Farm 

Nectarine, peach & plum trees (Meyer Lemon tree,Herbs & Pear tree not shown) in bloom at Aaron's Hilltop Farm!

And my beloved Wisteria.....& Texas Bluebonnets!

A row of "Garlic" decides to peek their heads out in the pasture!

So,even if Josh & Brent are many miles away in Sharon Springs,NY,_New_York 

And, I'm in N.Texas_ I got a warm feeling that we all bask in the knowledge of being "Keepers of the Land".

Do yourself a Favor_read this Book!!!!! _& Learn about the Beekman Boys here:   _

Buy some mighty fine Products here: 

I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a Wee-bit of an excerpt that had me ROTFLMBO:

Background: Josh on meeting Martha Stewart of which his partner Dr.Brent worked with on her show.In the Kitchen..

Josh feels guilty while Martha prepares food ask if he could help..this is Josh's mind in OVER DRIVE_

" can cut up the celery. Josh... how big?diced? chopped?Do I string it first?Didn't I see her string celery on a Thanksgiving special once?Do I cut straight across?On an angle?Which angle? Forty-five degrees?Twenty degrees? A slight but decorative slant?Isn't this a paring knife?Don't I need a Chef's knife?Can celery be pared.....etc...Is the proper way to slit one's wrist across the veins or along the veins?Can I die without getting bloodstains on Martha's spotless kitchen floor?

And this one....when Martha ask him about writing his memoir as in What did you have to write about?

Josh's answered...
"Weeeelll,um,I uh...was a Drag Queen,...had a little drinking clean,'s not that sad more like a costumes were crafty(need to relative to Martha)..had goldfish sewn into my drag costumes.For some reason,I thought that Martha would appreciate my Crafty projects..DEAD SILENCE ON MARTHA'S PART....Martha turns off the faucet,shook the strainer of wet peas,looked me in the eye and said: "SO.ARE YOU NORMAL NOW?"


Josh...I remember biting my tongue to keep from blurting out:"About as normal as a sixty-five -year-old billionairess wearing a federal penal system ankle monitor."  pages 58-60 of
"The Bucolic Plague" by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

I love these Beekman Boys...gonna have to plan a trip to Sharon Springs,NY_to have a "cuppa tea & biscuits" or  WINE and a "Fireside Bucolic Chat".....let's see ,the Amtrak schedule from Texas to Sharon Springs is how many days????? WTH??

          The  Fan-Tabulous Beekman Boys


                     Namaste'~ The Sage Book Whisperer~


Jan Whitaker said...

Pam, You have a beautiful farm, love your stove!

The Sage Book Whisperer said...

Thank you ,Jan! We've been here since 2001,moving back to Texas from NH. My husband was determined not to live in Arlington,Tx.again or any city for that matter. We feel "Blessed" to be the "Keepers of the Land". Can't say I've gotten use to all the "critters" that appear_ especially the coyotes, fox & mountain lions that prey on the Goats! That stove keeps this whole place warm in Winter, love it!