Friday, September 7, 2012

This Week's~ErMG!Moments~

What's -up,y'all? It's Friday so you know what that means _it's ErMG!Time.

ErMG!...I'm going to have to hold my tongue on this one,BUT
this brings the concept of OUTHOUSE to IN-HOUSE Dining_to a whole new level!Potty Training Deli-Style!
A Mom of twins in Lehi,Utah while dining at a Deli had her twins_pants down_sitting on Potty Trainers NOT Boosters_at the table! I am "Outraged" that she was bold enough to do this,that Management did NOT notice_that she was NOT thrown out of the Deli_pots & all! Imagine,you're enjoying your Deli-Sammy & chips_while the table next to you has twins taking a BM! I think the Health Department should be notified and a citation should be given to this crazy woman!
Extra!Extra!Read All About It_

ErMG!...A Festival put on PROBATION because it draws to large a crowd?????Now that's a first_BUT,
Burning Man Annual Festival in Black Rock City (Northern Nevada)was placed on probation for drawing too many people! The Burning Man music and arts festival attracted crowds well within the maximum cap allowed by the Bureau of Land Management this year.

The BLM placed organizers on probation and threatened to pull their license for exceeding the attendance cap at last year's festival.The offbeat fest drew daily crowds of more than 53,000 last year. A daily cap of 50,000 was allowed under terms of its special recreation permit. Here's an aerial view of the area_
Yep,those are folks in attendance for the week long Festival.In 1986 it began as an "Annual Summer Solstice Bonfire."The Burners"(name for attendees) are guided by a "10 Principle Rule".Check it out_

ErMG!'s a few photos_
Now,I know what the slang Playa means.But,these "Playa Men" at the Festival?_not sure if there's a new meaning out there,okay...!
             Wooden Yacht Art Car.....

            Walk to The Temple.....
            World's Largest Skirt....
One of "The Burners" in a Dust Storm...
 Incoming Dust Storm at "The Man"...

Very interesting Festival_kinda "60's WoodStockish"!

Utah & Nevada...what's up in that Hood?

ErMG!...I'm reading this book_ "The Man"!
Irving Wallace wrote this book in 1964. The Man speculatively explores the socio-political consequences in U.S. society when a Black man becomes President of the United States.It takes the Reader into the storm center of the Presidency,where the main character Dilman _until now an almost "Unknown Senator", must bear the weight of three burdens:his office,his race,and his private life!

Did Irving Wallace have a magic glass ball in 1964 to foresee the future? A difficult book to find_considered a Collectible now_but Amazon has a wide price range to chose from. A very good read,indeed!Awesome!!

ErMG!...I'm going to have to go awkward moment!

I respect "Dirty Harry"_but in his "twilight years" of Wisdom_you'd thunk he should know that he'd be the fodder of this vast Universal Mass Media industry! His performance at the RNC was disturbing.

Maybe he was still in the acting mode of his new movie_Trouble with Curves_where he plays an aging baseball scout who is unable to adapt to "CHANGE"! At any rate this photo below was a viral hit to counter "Eastwooding"....

 ErMG!...There's always a trend,first it was the original "Fist Bump"_at the end of the DNC_PBS Newshour Host,Gwen Ifill & Judy Woodruff did a Fist Bump, you see it all the time by folks these days(I think it's a way of not getting germs from handshakes,a Good Thing!) and now there's this...
Mmmm_what will this be called? "The Bow Bump"???just askin'...

ErMG!...Pretty,BUT..Is it just me OR_ Do you feel this item choking the S^$#-out of you? bad it is called a CHOKER!
                                          Roberto Carvalli Flamingo Choker

ErMG!...When I saw this _I thought this would be a great Ad for the Bullies of the World~from the person being bullied~

ErMG!...Mister Spock Earwear Collection...



Happy Friday! Until next time....
 ~The SageBook Whisperer~

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