Friday, September 21, 2012

~This Week's~ErMG! Moments~

Let's get this party started...

ErMG!...What is it! Barf Bag,Lunch Bag or Purse?
This just in... Jil Sanders 2012 Menswear Collection of a Brown Paper Bag(Vasari Purse) in leather for men at $630.
& Women's Brown Paper Bag coming in around $290.Just so you know_this bag is actually made of brown paper which has been laminated with a protective coating, stitched in brown thread at the sides with holes for ventilation_(wouldn't want your Sammie to go bad from need of air).

Extra!Extra! Both Bags are snapped up quickly in retail stores.

Extra!Extra!Extra! Craft Project for Weekend..making a batch from my extra brown paper bags from the Grocery Store_they'll be ready MONDAY_will that be Paper or Plastic PLUS_I'll throw in

ErMG!...a pair of these strings at no Extra cost...
Pure hand woven Limited Edition Mr.Kennedy 19K Silver or Gold Shoelaces _24 CARAT GOLD LACES X 2 - $19,000_ LIMITED TO 10 UNITS
                                 THEY WILL BE DELIVERED BY SECURITY AND
                                                 LACED FOR YOU ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD

My Deal sounds pretty good_Right?

ErMG!...I was pretty upset that an Official Sign would have a misspelled word since I'm such a History Buff...look closely!
                                                                     Hint:State of Mind "Histerical" Committee

ErMG!...Fashion Perfection!Carmen Dell'Orefice!This is what 82 yrs young looks like...
                                Front Row at Chado Ralph Rucci Spring Show 2013

                                                      Red Dress Collection 2005
NY Fashion Week Spring 2013_last week_ was graced with this beautiful 82 year old creature walking two Runway Shows and bonding with Olympian Ryan Lochte.Carmen Dell'Orefice has such grace and style...when I grow up I want to be just like her! View a Photographic Retrospective 2011-2012 Exhibition:

ErMG!...Here's A Healthy tip...
Indulge in that slab of Ribs or a greasy Cheeseburger with 2 patties+Bacon & Fries(YUM),Fried this or that thingie,slathered in Butter_just drink one of these_Evamor_ for instant relief!
Okay,so I'm watching Big Brother on TV_pushed the mute button(commercial time) & this comes on...people eating all kinds of stuff _using "waterboarding" techniques_downing a couple bottles of Evamor!
Had to unmute to check it out! It peaked my curiosity as I worked in RX/Hospital Sales for many yrs,selling Prilosec/help launch Nexium for GERD aka (heartburn).So,now you can drink a bottle of water that relieves heartburn?
Evamor Natural Artesian Water - rare alkaline source - is different. It boasts natural alkalinity (8.8 on the pH scale) than can help to reduce overall dietary acid and the symptoms it can cause.
We'll see how long the FDA will :APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!
ErMG!...Public Service Announcement..Firestarter!
I don't often give out information like this_BUT,when I do....
For people that recycle_Toilet Paper Rolls +Dryer Lint= Firestarters for Fireplaces,Woodburning Cookstoves like this one here on my Farm:
Aaron's Hilltop Farm_in my Breakfast Room a 1900's Montag Stove Works_heats up to 500 degrees!
Hint:It's a  GOOD THING to clean your Dryer often of lint _so it will NOT turn into a FIRESTARTER!
ErMG!... And Another Hint From Heloise...Car Odor?
Read here:

ErMG!...What no POPCORN at the theater?Say it isn't so...
Severe drought in the Midwest will cause A Popcorn Shortage in a Movie Theater near you!
Triple digit temperatures,weeks without rain have withered soybeans,grain and popcorn crops.
Scarcity + Shortage has caused retail and wholesale prices to jump.Cost is going up!

The Popcorn Board(YES,there is one!),a non-profit organization funded by U.S. popcorn processors, said Americans munch 16 billion quarts of popped popcorn a year. Most of the popcorn consumed throughout the World is grown in the United States. Americans consume more popcorn than the citizens of any other country, according to The Popcorn Board.

Breaking News!_Here at Aaron's Hilltop Farm we will be harvesting our Field of Corn this weekend along with making Crafty Brown Paper Bag purses!Busy Weekend!

ErMG!...Another Popcorn Story!

Colorado Man Wins $7 Million in ‘Popcorn Lung’ Lawsuit...After eating 2 -3 bags per day of Microwave Popcorn for 10 years_Watson developed "Popcorn Lung"from inhaling fumes from the buttery flavoring.

Yes,that's the same story_when hundreds of employees of popcorn factories sued for Popcorn Lung related to diacetyl(ARTIFICIAL BUTTER FLAVORINGS) exposure--some winning settlements as large as $34 million_Watson was the first consumer to take action.!
Dang...Just not a good Thing to be a Popcorn kernel this week!
ErMG!...Tasteful Movie...maybe?
Soooooooo,being the Adventurous Movie Buff that I am!..I checked this one out! I'm thinking this title has got to have a meaning,right? Well, it does_a very tasteful meaning(no pun intended here)_BUT,be careful on following up with one's curiosities_sometimes you might get a Tasty answer that's been around since the Victorian Era!
ErMG!...Speaking of which_Did you know?

I love Jeopardy & Who Wants to be a Millionaire!_Q & A,Baby!

So,I'm watching WWto  be ..M$_Question:

"Bizarrely,which of these products was advertised for several decades as a feminine hygiene product?"

A.Pledge_ B.Lysol_ C.Comet_ D.Pine Sol...

Ding,Ding,Ding Answer: B.LYSOL!

From the 1920's to the 60's Lysol_yes the one you clean your toilet bowl with_ads suggested that women use the cleaner as a douche fluid for everyday cleaning, and even as a form of birth control for use directly after sex  to kill the little swimmers...Not a good day for Swimmers!
Lysol ErMG!Moment ..This Week's Winner...For The Golden Arches Award!!!!
ErMG!....I'm thinkin'.. I need to put this Hug Jacket on after Lysol...
                                             "Hug Me Jacket"(price $1,120)
WTH?...Guess,I'll be Sewing,Popcorning,Toilet Paper Linting,Heartburning,Writing Histerically,Lacing Gold & Brown Bagging it All Weekend! Think I'll pass on Tipping The Velvet & Lysoling...But I can Dream of being Carmen Dell'Orefice...
~Here's Looking At You.......
                  The Sage Book Whisperer~

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