Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Thank Heaven For Little Girls..."

I'm just about done..I've watched most every movie available with Audrey Hepburn. BUT,I still can't decide which one is my favorite! Satori, Epiphany, Eureka, Ah!Ha!, Kensho, Zen Moment_maybe,I'm not suppose to have a favorite Audrey movie! So,how did "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" a song become my Blog  title?

There's this delightful 1957 movie called "Love In The Afternoon" with Audrey,Gary Cooper  and Maurice Chevalier. Maurice Chevalier is the Father figure for Audrey. The title may suggest to a 2012 audience a sexy encounter with two sultry figures entwined in body parts,held up in a dimly lite hotel room,champagne,smokes and steam from body heat! NOPE! This is a slapstick comedy about a "mysterious girl"who has no romantic history but pretends to be a Femme Fatale, falling in love with an older man who calls her "thin girl" because he doesn't know her name or whereabouts.When I saw Maurice Chevalier ...this song I heard as a child popped in my mind_never leaving even now as I write! So, for all of you young bloods out there it was the song MC sang in the movie Gigi...

This is a safe version of the song....since Thank Heaven for Little Girls has been distorted to accommodate the sick minds of some people of today.That being is a sweet song with that thick,syrupy French accent of Maurice singing that little girls are suddenly not so little...kinda' hangs around in your head! Other memorable songs in the movie_"C'est si Bon "and the wonderful catchy tune that Audrey hummed throughout was "Fascination" were part of my childhood memory as well.

Of course,I've viewed some of  Audrey's well known movies_but here's a few I'd never seen that were delightful! The Nun's Story(1959) leaves a lasting impression on the life of Nuns;The Children's Hour(1961) with Shirley Maclaine portrays the undertones of women as lovers,taboo in 1961;How to Steal a Million(1966)was hilarious about an art heist and Two for the Road(1967) was a British comedy drama about the ups & downs of a twelve year marriage.I fell in love with the wardrobes in all of these movies,especially the sunglasses in Two for the Road... I want them!!!!!!!
Audrey was discovered on set by Collette(Author of Gigi 1945),while she filmed "Monte Carlo Baby"(1951).Collette cast her in the title role Broadway production of Gigi(1951).Upon seeing her name in lights for the first time_Audrey reportedly said_"Oh Dear!And I've still got to learn how to act." Ironically,the song "Thank Heaven For Little Girls"sung by Maurice Chevalier was in the movie Gigi in 1957.

There's so much more to Audrey's life it would take months to Blog about!She won many awards and recognitions for her great movie,fashion and humanitarian roles. To me she was just the epitome of a Classy,Caring human being. This Tribute to Audrey inspired me to followup with some other greats in the movie industry in the future!

                 Merci beau coup!Au revoir!!!

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