Thursday, June 4, 2015

Livin'La Vida Golden~Tonaza-Time in Peru!

 It is no SECRET...the Incas Lived La Vida Golden! So I raise my glass as I get this overdue Blog Post on the way...
                       Yes,those are Golden Flakes ! 

Aka,Goldschlager a Swiss cinnamon schnapps (43.5% alcohol by volume or 87 proof originally it was 53.5% alcohol or 107 proof),a liqueur with very thin, yet visible flakes of gold floating in it. Well,I confess,I will NOT have a shot of that_but to continue the importance of Gold to the Universe,I decided on "Livin'La Vida Golden" at "MY Peruvian Tonaza Birthday Party" 5/17/15!

The Incas referred to gold as the "Tears of the Sun." BUT,they were not the only ones.Gold dates backs thousands of years...Phoenicians, Egyptians, Indians, Hittites, Chinese,The Greeks & Romans,etc.During the Classic period of Greek and Roman rule in the western world, gold and silver both flowed to India for spices, and then to  China for silk. At the height of the Empire (A.D. 98-160), Roman gold and silver coins reigned from Britain to North Africa and Egypt. Money had been invented!  Its name was GOLD. So much History in Gold Worldwide. 

Who knew these Mask were made of Gold & went on to the Afterlife!
                             Tutankhamun Death Mask, Golden, Mask, Gold Head 

No wonder Pyramids and other Ancient Burial Grounds have been robbed for years. Here's a few other examples of the GOLDEN Stuff...
                         Golden Wreaths found in Greece 
                  Inca Face Mask in National Gallery of Peru 


1st Century Roman Woman in Wedding Golden Jewelry 
                      Adioukrou African Queen Mother  

                       Chinese Women in Traditional Gold 
                   Traditional Gold on Women from India

No "Fashionable" Inca,Mayan or Aztec would be without some kind of ornamentation.It was most likely to be "Golden"!

And...then there's always these "Golden-Nut" Jobs...

                     "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME"  just sayin'

                     Liquid Gold Rush..It's Everywhere!

Pan Pipe Music at the Party...

Rimaykullayki!'s "Tonazo-Time" Peruvian Style_

Let's get this Party/Tonazo started...this is the 14th Year of "Passport Parties in my Living Room" with Friends...some have moved to other Cities/States_we missed Y'all,a couple couldn't make we raised our glasses to Ye!

            Passport Picture: Morocco_2010 "Mo'Rockin Harem Nights Birthday Party"

                   Passport Book filled with all the Countries...PERU Representin'~

The Mayan Queen,Birthday Girl.I found out via DNA Ancestry Testing that my Ancestors were part Mayan in January 2015. I had decided in December 2014 that Peru would be our next stop. Didn't know I was part Mayan!!!

                                                               My Peeps!
                                     Sorors & Friends..Fa-Ever!...Zeta Phi Beta!

                                                            My Posse! 

                             ~Peru Decor~

                       Birthday Prize_"Woman in Gold" Gustav Klimt on the wall.


Spicy Baby Back Ribs w/Peruvian Garlic Sauce ~ 

Jalapeno Sausages~ Aji Amarillo Maycomba (Peruvian 

Beans) ~Andean Tri-Color Quinoa Salad served on 

Butter Lettuce ~ Roasted Fingerling Potatoes w/ 

Peruvian Aji Verde Sauce ~ Variety of Spicy Condiments 

 & Hushpuppies~ 

~Cheesy Dip~ Inka Chile Picante Corn ~ Plantain Chips 

Chica Morada Corn Drink ~ Peruvian Wines/Prosecco

~Side Notes~

While My Peeps were talking,I was having my personal Wine/Prosecco Tastin'...just sayin! My gurlfriend introduced a new Prosecco(Italian). Wait Italian at a Peruvian Party?

Yep!..there are many ethnicities in Peru! Little known FACTS_ Between 1532 and 1560, 50 Italians established in Lima (Vice royalty of Peru) and Callao, mostly from Liguria and Tuscany, such as Martin from Florence, Pietro Catagno, Pietro Martín from Sicily (all of them involved in Atahualpa's capture),Juan Bautista Pastene,born in Genoa in 1505 and also present since the beginning of the Spanish Conquest of the Inca Empire. It is worthy to say that, in 1584, the first printing press was brought to the Vice Royalty of Peru by an Italian named Antonio Ricciardi Pedemontanus.

~Good Tonaza-Times~

  • Huq Kutikama _ (see you later) in "Quechua" spoken by about 13 percent of the Peruvian population, making it the second most common language in Peru and the most widely spoken native language. 


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