Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Sprung,Goat-Herding,Allergies & other Spring Stuff!

Well...Spring Sprung 2015 around N.Central Texas last Friday. Here's a look at the happenings around Aaron's Hilltop Farm...

Fruit Trees in Bloom....Peach,Pear,Nectarine,Plums,Meyer Lemons and Mandarin Orange Tree_the Lemon & Orange Tree winter in the Barn w/ a's already reached 80 degrees in N.Central Texas!

Anticipating Bluebonnets,Evening Primrose & Wisteria in the front yard & pastures...

...they're not all here yet...but they're coming! And the Grass is on last Saturday,a cloudy,intermittent rainy day_my Husband decides "NOT" to bring out the regular LAWNMOWER LIKE LAST YEAR....the John Deere Johnny Popper 1939 he restored to "perfection"! the REAL LAWNMOWERS to do the in...

On the other hand..."NOT" anticipating...POLLEN.COM_

...Or BUGS,Worms that swing from invisible strings from the Oak trees,Copperheads,Alien Grasshoppers,Daddy Long-Legs,Texas size Spiders,etc....
The First Day of Spring...(my BFF's Birthday)_We both go on "Official Worm Watch Patrol" until after April 15th...we report to each other sightings to determine if we're going outside for a month! With 200+ trees on this get the picture...or maybe NOT.Let me paint it for you_they SWING from long invisible strings from tree to tree in "great numbers",crawl everywhere_should it rain the whole area is covered in red slime...GOT THAT PICTURE,YET? 

With Spring having Sprung...

I've been up to Baking with an agenda to get better at Baking Bread...this was Delicious during the Snow Days..."Chocolate Galette Des Rois"

Next up_Povitica & Ube Cupcakes and/or Ube Cake_
Saw this on "PBS Great British Baking Show"

                            Ube Cupcakes or Ube Cake?

And...a Downton Abbey Wine & Tea Tasting on the agenda...
Got my order in for Downton Abbey Cab.Sav...& Republic of Tea Lord Grantham Breakfast Assam black tea w/ginger....can't wait! But of course,Scottie Shortbread & DA Tea Towel,Bohemian Wine Glass & my Grandmother's teacup & saucer from the 1920's!

BTW...Let the Planning begin...this year for my May Birthday Partee_

                                "We're going to PERU"! 

                                   Machu Picchu in Peru 

Can't wait to try...Aji de Gallina

            The yellow aji pepper adds  a mild kick to several Peruvian dishes.  

Although,Spring is not my favorite Season_that would be FALL_then Winter_then Spring_ "I DON'T DO TEXAS SUMMERS"!_ it is a beautiful time of the year.Here's to Spring! 

Awaken to Spring

And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley


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Empress Shabazz Bey said...

I love the way you brought in spring. You have great style, much Gratitude.
Peace and love