Monday, May 5, 2014

Sheeeeeeeeee's BACK! ~The MAHJONGIST~

After a much needed REST for my eyes-sake...I'm glad to be back.One day in April(2014) last month,My EYES went cray-cray on me. It was like the 4th OF JULY in the left corner of my left eye! A "Lightning Show" to be exact! Scared the shitacky outta me! "I" attributed it to my excessive Movie watching,Severe Reading Habits(all the time even into the wee hours at night),BUT,mostly my "ADDICTION" to....

I safely entered a "12 Step Program" to try to break the habit.
Anything that stimulates brain function (even small levels) can become addictive for different people. Many people are addicted to video games and PC games, many people are even addicted to those Facebook games like Farmville, and Mafia wars, and yes people are addicted to MahJong (either on computer or actual game) and even Solitaire. 

MAHJONG can train your brain to think fast,it involves skill, strategy, and calculation,as well as luck! But,the firing of your brain cells late into the night can cause lots of problems! Including..

One of the myths of the origin of Mahjong suggests that Confucius the Chinese philosopher,developed the game in about 500 BC. The three dragon (cardinal) tiles also agree with the three cardinal virtues bequeathed by Confucius. Hóng Zhōng (紅中 MJd1.png, red middle), Fā Cái (發財 MJd2.png, prosperity), and Bái Bǎn" (白板 MJd3.png, white board) represent benevolence,sincerity and filial piety respectively. Well,that maybe true  in that culture.TODAY, I'm here to tell you_that MahJong is NOT (Benevolent= Good for you),has nothing to do with Sincerity or Filial piety (virtue of respect for one's parents and ancestors)! You are simply subjected to this scenario....

 ANY HO! I'm "Betters" now.The  visit to the Ophthalmologist_
left much to be desired! Turns out_my mother also had the problem...aah,she addicted to Reading,Movies & MAHJONG we had a good laugh on that one! 

it ain't pretty.

So..they put these drops in your eyes,you sit for 30 minutes & then all Hell breaks loose...cause everything is BLURRED LINES(no pun intended for that popular hit song).

I'm like holding on to walls as I'm guided to the "BIG CHAIR" where all of these MONSTER EYE Equipment take you on a ride,poked,pushed,gel-ed-up,head turning this way,no that way & BRIGHT,BRIGHT,BRIGHT LIGHTS FLASHED INTO THE VERY DEPTH OF YOUR SOUL!!! 

My question..."WILL I BE ABLE TO WATCH SCANDAL AT 9PM (eastern time)THIS EVENING? I pissed,right about now...the answer....MAYBE! 

Good thing my Hubby took off work to drive me home_because 
all I saw was cars at the speed of a Nascar Race!!!!

Here's the scoop,I was diagnosed with...Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD), sometime simply called vitreous detachment, occurs when the vitreous, a gel-like substance attached to the retina in the back of the eye, shrinks and pulls away from the retina. By itself, vitreous detachment does not seriously affect your vision and usually does not require any treatment. However, vitreous detachment may make you more susceptible to retinal detachment and macular hole, which are serious conditions that are known to cause visual loss.The shrinking of the vitreous that causes vitreous detachment is a part of normal aging and generally begins around the age of 50.
...but can happen before that age.

I've always had FLOATERS since Law School days...But,
Fireworks in the EYES...just does NOT work for me! Scary feeling,indeed. But like the Doc said_your Brain will get use to it & adjust itself.I'm proud to say,I'm "Betters" now,the light are less frequent & I've cut back on many of my EYE-HABITS! 

I AM A...

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