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"TART VALENTINES"~Vinegar Valentines & Penny Dreadfuls~


To Be Sure...this is a "Vinegar Valentine"!They are sometimes called a "Penny Dreadful".How-
ever "Penny Dreadfuls"was a type of British fiction publication in the 19th century that featured lurid serial stories appearing in parts for weeks & weeks_each costing one (old) penny.
The term morphed to include any cheap fiction that was printed on pulp paper_thus "Vinegar Valentines" are sometimes aka "Penny Dreadfuls"(or Penny Horrible,Penny Awful,Penny Blood,etc..).This is an example of a
"Penny Dreadful"...

Soooo, now that we have that all settled_ let's talk about Valentine Cards (Greeting Cards) that were "Greeting-LESS"! Rather they were decorated with a caricature,often below an insulting poem,given on Valentines Day,often sent to someone like a Spinster,Loud Mouth,
Floozy,Show-Off,Wanna -Be-Ladies Man,etc..
you get the picture,right?
            A Modern Day Fiend that causes "Road Rage".

                                             & more Blah,Blah,Blah....

                      Who does that anymore...The Chain Smoker?
                                                    The Boozer Fiend

                                  The KimKGlamourPuss...
                                The Pouting,Posing Belles

?????Is there one for Tongues hanging out of the side of one's mouth & Twerking & Bad Behavior among Teen Stars?

There has to be one for "Training people how to communicate by Eye to Eye, Mouth to Mouth as opposed to concentrating on some Handheld Device, Right "? This TV Commercial says it all
"Look Up"! Look at Me! Look at Me!

                                But of course_don't forget...

                      Miss other folks Bizness!

These cynical,sarcastic,mean-spirited "Greeting-Less Cards" were first produced in America as early as the 1840s.They were cheaply made printed on one side of a single sheet, cost a penny. It is interesting that one of the reasons for the success of these cards was the increased "literacy"rates among the poor & working classes_who rarely had more than a penny for luxuries like cards! However, the Upper Crust got a real kick out of these as well according to the VP of the  National Valentines Collectors Association.

 Back tooo...
                                                      Mr. Cheap-Skate

                                        Ms. Painted Doll
                                 Well,I Do Declare...not nice!
                                   Open Mouth,Insert Foot

Now,if that's for The Lady...those are FIGHTING WORDS!

And "Fighting Words" they were indeed! Reportedly,these unflattering cards created a stir on all social levels_sometimes provoking fistfights and arguments.
                ~This is the "KICKER"~

Back in the day,a person who received one of these cards via mail often by an anonymous "admirer"_(right?)_paid for the right to be insulted! It was the "RECEIVER_NOT THE SENDER"_responsible for the cost of postage up until 1840s!!!. **NOTE: Do Not Get this confused with the NON-ANONYMOUS NASTY COMMENTS_that people leave on the Internet's various websites that suggest a comment,that is_"Up Front in Your Face" comments_without coming face-to face for a BATTLE! 

                        Getting on"My Last Nerve"....LOL
                                  A Silly Singer...oh boy!

                The Ice Queen...Cold Shoulder at it's BEST!

                    I understand why from a Dude like this....

I'd BETTER NOT EVER...receive one of these_just because
I Love Books! 
I'm Kinda -Sorta guilty of being a "Spelling Policer". BUT,some folks I know are really OBSESSED by correct
Spelling, Basic Grammar, etc...Scared of them for sure!

This is my FAVORITE....I see nothing wrong with this concept....just sayin'!

These "Vinegar Valentines" were about the size of a modern greeting card_later produced in the form of a postcard.Sent anonymously,sometimes Postmasters confiscated them as unfit to mail.At the end of the 1940s & 50s_the cost shot up from one penny to FIVE(5) cents! the price of postage now_it keeps going UP!Up!

This could be a fun thing to Collect if you have that sensibility for ephemera. I saw one card in particular on EBay_ present Bid is $57.00_for
this circa 1920 U.S.Woman Suffrage Vote Vinegar Valentine Sheet......

Good Luck with that!.....Meantime,I'm settling for the "Old Fashion Hugs & Kisses"_

And,maybe Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles this Valentine's Day! This candy got me in trouble last in I ate far to much,Love it,melt in yo' mouth,partee in yo' mouth!!!

To You & Yours "Happy Valentine's Day All"

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