Friday, January 17, 2014


She's Back!!! Not Miley, Y'all  < ME>.Had a much needed rest...just kinda hung out with my thoughts on stuff. That being said..."Let's get it Going"...first things glad not to hop on the Internet to find several thousands sites paying homage to Miley's Blurred Lines in 2014...oh yeah, the song Robin Thicke made famous....YES, his song...not Miley's Song!I have to say...I like the beat_good dance music.BUT,the lyrics..well,um..don't know,no comment,true-that,WTH?,etc...

Just so you know, Blurred Lines  is not a new concept!Listen to this hit from 1977 by the Main Man...Marvin "Sexy" Gaye...not as racy now compared to Thicke_But almost same beat!

Or, just the cover of the Ohio Players (1975)_Album(yes, people they were called Albums NOT CDs).

Miley can't TOUCH THAT!

On a much deeper level, I started to think of the "Blurred Lines" in most of our daily lives. For example:

~Social Media vs Life_24/7 we are "On Call", use to be for Doctors only _now Everyone!_ via FB,Twitter,Cellphones,computers,etc..Bosses can pay you for 8 hours_but_can send an email at 11pm with requests for the next morning....& You are suppose to be aware of that request pronto_ or the constant checking of emails, while on an outings_say to Dinner with friends_there's no conversation....everyone is twittering or texting in the moment! How about just a normal conversation about what going on in your lives?

~Relationships of all kinds v Life_There are many kinds ...let me focus on men & women just to keep it short. Now, Ladies have the right to wear whatever they fancy, including Latex undies & top+ A Finger Toy_ as a Gazillion people watch on TV!!!YET, Ladies don't want the Guys WOLF-Calling or as they say "Getting all up on them".Meantime, a Good-Looking Guy dressed or half dressed as today's style dictates...Likes the Ladies Oh's & Aha's....They like it! Tell me is this a form of Twerking on Kmart's Boxer Day Ad?...which by the way ACTUALLY became a word added to "THE DICTIONARY"(smh)_Here goes the Holiday Spirit...the last jingle is a ????

Just in case, you have NOT had enough Blurred at your own risk these two videos_(SMH)....  

And, this is a Universal No-No...because You never know what you may say...

It works both's all "Blurred Line"

~Politics 101 vs Life.The "Haves v The Have Not's(smh).The new "Millionaires’ Club" in Congress Exceeds Half of Members! Those are some serious....BLURRED LINES....since they never seem to get anything DONE!

....And the list goes on!

I've chosen to look at these "Blurred Lines" as a real Medical Condition that's eating at the core of our Beings.
Blurred Lines_aka_ Blurred Vision is an ocular symptom with several causes_including today's standards of Astigmatism...not focused on life;Farsightedness...can't see what your future maybe;Nearsightedness...focused only on what's up front & popular right now;Presbyopia...loss of all vision with aging;Retinal detachment...loss of all sense of "support"(Family,Friends,Life)...
Permanent damage may occur, if the detachment is not repaired within 24–72 hours....times-up,Y'all! 

Get yourself a pair of these...& I don't mean Rose-colored..

Hey!Hey! Hey! If you can't read what I'm trying to say,Maybe I'm going the Words of Robin Thicke! 

Meantime, I'm wondering _Why didn't they pick Miley for the Leading Lady in the movie..."Fifty Shades of Grey"?_ Wouldn't she have been PERFECTION or What _& probably would have loved every minute of filming & then some!

Last word on Blurred Lines v Life...

                      "IT IS WHAT IT IS".....

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