Monday, August 19, 2013

My Life As A Cat-PARENT!!!

                            Hank "The Cow Cat" Aaron
YEP! That's my Baby...the son I never had_sitting on his favorite spot_the Old Cookstove in the Breakfast room! I've learned many things from Hank...the most important one is _"After sitting at the computer,watching a movie or anything that has to do with "the body NOT in motion"_ STRETCH! A ZEN CAT! Actually, there are many things I've learned about  Highly Effective Cat Intelligence!!! Must get this book.....

Now, this book.....I literally lived by! Steven Covey's book(1989)! I even attended a Seminar in Houston at the peak of this #1 National Bestseller! To this day,from time to time _I will revisit & refresh my DNA on the importance of these 7 habits. You may remember the book_ if NOT you should rush out, get a copy & READ it & apply it to your life!

The Paradigms and Principles are as follows:
My favorite...if there could be one as they are all great_ is "Be Proactive in your life"!
It means more than merely taking initiative."It means that as human beings,we are responsible for our own lives.Our behavior is a function of our decisions,not our conditions.Highly proactive people recognize the ability to response_as in  "response-ability".They do not blame circumstances,conditions,or conditioning  for their behavior.Their behavior is a product of their own conscious choice,based on values,rather than a product of their condition,based on feeling."  (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey)

Covey alludes to another great book_of which I've misplaced my copy_"Man's Search For Meaning" by Victor Frankl.

Frankl says that one day while naked and alone in a small room of a Nazi camp,he realized that his captors may control his environment,do whatever they wanted to his body_BUT_"He could decide within himself how all of this was going to effect him".Self-Awareness!

Now...let's see how Covey's 7 Habits applies to Hank "The CowCat !
1.Be Proactive:

2.Begin with the end in Mind:

3.Put First Things First:

4.Think Win/Win:

5.Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood:

6.Synergize,the whole is greater than the sum of all parts:

7.Sharpen The Saw:

FYI:Cat Info.!

And,here's Hank "The Cow Cat' at his BEST!

Hank (my house cat),the Farm Cats and my Goats bring me much JOY! They are always up to something_ and they are "HIGHLY EFFECTIVE" at getting "Humanoids" to work with them on their desires!

               This is one of my favorite Farm Cat Photo_

              Itsy says: "Move It"...It's time for Supper!

See Ya  Later,
The Sage Book Whisperer!