Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'll have an Order of Carbon Monoxide w/My Meat & Fish + a Side of Arsenic Chicken!

That is Correct...I need to Rant!
Ranting is cool every now and then_ But I read some Blog Post that RANT everyday about something,someone, etc. This is NOT about a boyfriend done me wrong (I'm happily married 18 years),or some fashion statement on some Celebrity that does not interest me, or some new born baby's name(AppleBlueNorth.,) or TS Boyfriend hate song, Politics, Tea Party Movements, (Guns, Groceries, Guitars or Gas Stores), etc... Nope, this is about the choices I have for FOOD WITHOUT ADDITIVES...slim pickings, Folks!



                             Arsenic -Laced Chicken Feed

Insecticide-Laced Vegetable Spray...check the dude's clothing!

                           He's Juiced -Up and Ready to Go!

Which ends up here:

AND...My REAL PET-PEEVE is "Brominated Vegetable Oil"!

Found in Drinks like:

I had a "personal" experience with this bad boy! In the 90s,I'd down at least three 20 oz bottles of Mountain Dew a day. Went in for a yearly checkup, my thyroid levels were off...ended up having a Thyroidectomy because of a benign tumor on the lower left lobe of the thyroid gland, right above my aortic arch, Seriously!

Recently, I learned _from several sources_that the "BROMINATED VEGETABLE OIL"(BVO) that is in Mountain Dew & other citrus drinks(7-up,Sprite,etc. & Gatorade) ...

"Competes for the same receptors that are used to capture iodine. If you are exposed to a lot of bromine, your body will not hold on to the iodine that it needs. And iodine affects every tissue in your body, not just your thyroid."

And..BVO is used in Pesticides,bakery goods,medications,plastics,"FIRE RETARDANTS",used to treat Hot Tubs & Swimming pools,etc.WTH???? So,that's what I was drinking?

Yet Another_food that is a favorite with ISSUES...TUNA.I like Albacore specifically_

It has "Pyrophosphate"(wait a minute, last four alphabets spells HATE) an additive , for shelf-life, saltier than first thought was (PYRO=Fire, as in Pyrotechnics on July 4th fireworks).Other "stuff", mercury, BPA, nitrates, soybean oil..Soooo,I've found an untreated brand of fresh Tuna at my local Grocer...I poach it with various spices, cool ,flake and make Tuna Salad, Yea!

What's crazy is the FACT that the FDA approves all this shitacky while they are BANNED in other countries!

WHY? Do I need Yellow Dye #5 or 6 in my PICKLES? Why is SUSHI loaded with preservatives?Why is my Wild Salmon coated in carbon monoxide? And  all you folks that like rare Steaks....hate to tell you this _but they already have "MAKEUP"on w/ a pinky glow! 

When I think of Carbon Monoxide_ I think of fire/carbon monoxide alarms installed in our homes..
We are aware of...

Every now & then we might need one of these :
When we encounter this_ in the field, office, elevator, etc...

But, heck...What are we suppose to eat these days that's free of extra junk? I don't care for carbon monoxide in my food or any other stuff. I demand "CLEAN FOOD"!!!!

I've been for some time a "Food Police" in the Grocery store....if it has ingredients that I can't pronounce(not buying it),plus if it has any ingredients that is on my "JUST SAY NO LIST" can buy! We don't drink soda(18 years for me).We don't eat Red that's not a problem...found this product for Tilapia...good one_ w/o carbon monoxide or other stuff...

As for Veggies & Fruit....been buying more Organic lately! I'm thinking we need to get back into growing more Organic Veggies, we've got Organic Fruit/Citrus trees _Right here on the Farm...need more Veggies! Here's a couple FYI's:

So, there's my RANT! I could go on as this subject is a full blown issue with me. But, I'm cool...I feel a little better. It's hard because_

But,what can I do? Just try to...

Much Love, The SageBook Whisperer !

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