Friday, March 1, 2013

~SageBook Whisperer~Book Review~

The ShamRocker says _it's Book Review Time.Here's a couple I thought I'd share_because my reading is a daily,ongoing affair.So,let's get to it!

Dicey Deere
Now,maybe you've not heard of her.Can't remember how I was introduced to her writings...but a friend gave me one of her books for a Christmas prize_it was on my Christmas List.I could not put this book down_

It's a page turner if you like "WhoDunnit Mysteries"!I loved it because it reminded me of another adventure with my main man_Hercule Poirot(Agatha Christie's fictional Belgian detective).It's a see-saw...maybe he did,no she couldn't have,aaah,I know....all to be surprised in the end.All the action takes place in Ireland_on the great Estates,the landscape,the people,their character,the food & drinks_AND Torrey Tuner_sleuth(an unknown to the community)_that's always poking her nose in police work and other people's business!BUT,she's always on target..I love her.Finished that one _ordered this one_
Read like a crazy woman through this second book!It was so good.I like the way the Writer brings "YOU" the Reader into the scheme of things....twist & turns,complicated plots,interesting characters,a new discovery on each page_Dicey Deere is skilled at throwing red herrings your way every time! So,she hasn't written very many books_ lives in an eighteenth-century whaler's cottage in Sag Harbor, New York. In May or October, she can usually be found at a bed-and-breakfast in Ireland.Not much on the Internet about her.BUT,SHE"S GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Ordering her other books...NOW.

Tracy Chevalier

Finally,got around to reading this one after viewing the movie of the same name a dozen times or more!I love this story line. Could it be my secret love affair continues? Read my Blog post here: 

Anyway,there was much more to love in the book.Tracy blends history and fiction into an artistic Old World Masterpiece,today!

Somewhat in the same vein as reading Susan Vreeland's_

I've considered reading it again and again.Art and the Human experience,throw in Vermeer and I'm in! Again,I've watched the movie called "Brush With Fate"several times_never ever get sick of it!

Ayana Mathis

My girlfriend was over during the Christmas Holidays for a "MOVIE DAY".We watched movies from 10am until 7pm with snacks in between,etc.What a day.So,she enticed me to read the first couple of lines from this book on her Kindle!Ah,I'm old fashion,I like to actually hold books that I read,underline,tag pages,,I don't have Kindle! Anyway...the first couple lines:

"1925.Philadelphia and Jubilee!"August said when Hattie told him what she wanted to name their twins."You cain't give them babies no crazy names like that!"Hattie's mother,if she were still alive,would have agreed with August.She would have said Hattie had chosen vulgar names;low and showy,"she would have called them.But she was gone,and Hattie wanted to give her babies names that weren't chiseled on a headstone in the family plots in Georgia,so she gave them names of promise and of hope,reaching forward names,not looking back ones."

Mmmm,this peaked my interest_so I purchased the book.Come to find out it was on Oprah's Book Club list.It was interesting but I got all tangled up trying to keep up with the 12 tribes_her children's lives.Philadelphia and Jubilee died as babies_Hattie had nine more,doesn't equal 12,right? I soon got the hang of it. It turned out to be a compelling story of the human spirit in the face of many trials and tribulations of life.

John Cleland(1709-1789)
I am almost finished with this one! And,I say that in a very light manner.First off,I was challenged by all the fuss over "Fifty Shades of Grey"_ 2011's erotic romance by British author E.L.James! This was the rage,the "it" thing last year...young women having a hissy fit,swooning over every details,with adult toys being in demand all over the country,probably world! I wrote this blog on the subject matter:

My contention was that Fifty Shades was NOT a new idea! This kinda stuff goes back ...way back,even during Biblical times. So,I challenged myself to read the MOST CONTROVERSIAL book of it's time in English Literature...I'm what you called ADDICTED TO READING...that's a good thing!Off I go with this little number _got the "Wordsworth Classics Edition",thinking Classic,maybe this will be a classy copy.WRONG! First page and throughout the book and ILLUSTRATIONS_as they are called,ah,well,maybe ,NOT_ that would make modern adult sites look like "an Immature First Love"!Seems the Privy Council of England charged the author with INDECENCY shortly after publication in 1749.I'm on page 169 of 203.I WILL BE SO GLAD TO FINISH THIS ONE! If I have to read another "highly descripitive" encounter of her jollies & follies,these living room parties where every couple present takes part to demonstrate their skills in ....Ima just have to say to myself_"Ma'am Step away from the book! Heck,I had a hard time finding a DECENT picture of the book without changing my blog to an adult site.ENOUGH said. Did I say_this book is EQUIVALENT to"Fifty Shades of Grey" ON POWERFUL STEROIDS X's 10!!

There_You have it...Food for thought on a couple Books to read or NOT!

Lots of fun coming in's time to get my Irish on....can't wait.See Ya!!


maricia said...

You know I love me some Oprah, but I could never get into her book choices. I'm reading Sonia Sotomayor's "My Beloved World" for Spring Break.

The SageBook Whisperer said...

I'm on the same page with you about Oprah's choices.I just stopped many,many years ago buying and trying to read some of her choices.I think every person should find their own genre_then venture to other pieces of interest.Since,I love reading..I'll usually try to read something I would NOT ordinarily read_i.e."Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure"of which I'm presently reading!LOL