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2009~My Inaugural Birthday Luncheon~

May 17,2009_I celebrated a milestone birthday.To mark the occasion,I decided to pattern my party in the likeness of President Obama's First Inaugural Luncheon held in Statuary Hall January 2009.First a little History_if you don't know by now,I'm pretty much a History-Buff_History was my Minor in University studies.

Part I

The Program

                                                                    The Decor


The Painting

"View of Yosemite Valley" by Thomas Hill

Seen in the above photo #3 & below_The subject of the painting, Yosemite Valley, represents an important but often overlooked event from Lincoln's presidency—his signing of the 1864 Yosemite Grant, which set aside Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias as a public reserve.

                                                                    The Music
The Smithsonian Chamber Players have provided music for the inaugural luncheon since 1981. Directed by Kenneth Slowik, the group specializes in performing historical masterworks of the seventeenth through early twentieth centuries. The music they performed was a mixture of American repertoire pieces written for early nineteenth-century presidents, as well as some of the European compositions found in the extensive music library of Thomas Jefferson.

Part II

With the above tools in hand,my creative juices began to stir.My husband had ordered our Lincoln White House China sets in February 2009_he's a Lincoln-History-buff! Check that off the list! I found the silky blue fabric on sale at my local Fabric Shop (made Tablecloth & Chair seat covers),called the Smithsonian Chamber office to find out about the music,did research on Historical Menus used by President Lincoln at his Luncheon,found a template on Martha Stewart's web page for labels to use on Wine Bottle/Place cards,searched my collectibles for things I could use,my husband made the Civil War chest many years previous(that's a hobby of his,making stuff & collecting!),purchased Lincoln Stationary for invitations,recorded "Hail To The Chief" for my entry into the Dining area of my home(Ha!),...ready,set go! Here's are the results!

The Invitation:

The Menu:
With much thanks to "The Joint Congressional Sisterhood"(Committee Chair,Jill)_for the painstaking efforts to create this Historical menu...I've got some Good Friends!

The Music:

                                         Listen here toConcerto No.1 in D major...LOVE this CD!!!

The Painting:
My dear husband purchased this Thomas Hill painting ," Bridal Veil Falls,Yosemite Falls"(1829 reproduction) as a birthday gift for me!! It's an unframed wrap around canvas...nice!

Permanent spot in the living room_present day.

The Decor:
                       Inaugural template used on Wine bottle as label & Place-cards.

                                         Lincoln China Table setting & accessories

Another view....

Thomas Hill painting in Dining room 

Lincoln's Family Cutouts,Civil War Hat,White House photo,and My Inaugural Program Booklet(2009).

To the left_on the top_a copy of "The Emancipation Proclamation".John made and painted the Civil War Chest. The Lincoln Log Cabin on top.

                                                           Tribute to Lincoln

White House 3D puzzle in center,18th/19th century replicas of flower vase for arrangements.White House Historical Cookbooks upper left hand w/ vase on top.

My  Gifts to the "Sisterhood"for their endearing Spirit!!Guest Sign-In/Comment book(we've used that sign-in book for at least 8 yrs!!!!)   

The Food:
Check Menu above for entries.

The 2009 Joint Congressional Sisterhood Committee:
Violet,Terri,Jill_(Pam,Birthday Girl) and Joy!Thanks for a wonderful time,Girlie's!

                                                Terri,Pam,Jill,Violet and Joy

  Fabulous Party,Fabulous Friends...Good time had by all!!!!!!


Do you think I came close to replicating the Inaugural Committee Luncheon of 2009 for President Obama????

Much Love,The SageBookWhisperer~

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