Friday, September 11, 2015

Past Occupation-"Professional Flatulist",BUTT,it could Happen Again!

Sometimes you've gotta take a break from all the serious things going on in the Universe ! Today YOU are Lucky! I had a 
"Bright Idea" after randomly reading a couple pages from a very small book that permanently resides in my "Throne Room". Unfortunately, "My Throne Room" doesn't compare to the "Royal Throne Room" I visited while at the Iolani Palace in Honolulu.It was located in a rather large walk-in type closet next to this_the "Official Throne Room"..BTW,didn't check to see if Reading material was available!

DISCLAIMER: This may offend some_"Butt"_Humor others.
A sense of humor is, simply put, the ability to be amused. Most people have one, and are able to laugh at jokes, humorous situations, and a variety of other potential sources of amusement. In humans, it develops at a very early age, and is often considered to be a vital part of human development.Humor appears to be an important part of human survival. The ability to laugh can dispel tension in a time of complex situations.People with a well-developed sense of humor appear to be happier in psychological studies, and some are healthier as well, suggesting that it may just be good for you.Not everyone has a sense of humor. People with Autism, Asperger's syndrome, and a variety of developmental disabilities sometimes lack one.~Psychology Today~ 

That being said...let's get on with it! I opened the book_

to this page_
Indeed,that got my attention! I read on...

By this time,I'm going SERIOUSLY? 

So, "Petomanie" means someone who can break wind at will. That's all I needed, I was on the hunt to find out if any of this was TRUE. **** For the rest of the story,Ya Gonna just have to buy the book ( for both)_it's a good read along with this other book I purchased in the 90's with amazing stories as well. 

Turns out back in the day,if you ventured into the Outhouse & decided to smoke your Corn Cob Pipe or in England /Australia a Fag (aka Cigarette),strike a match to light up_while surrounded by methane gas_BOOM!!!Folks,You'd be Done & Done!

Plus,the cartoons and pictures of the creative minds on this subject are hilarious! One of my Favorite Photos is...

There are other Books on the market_

Nope Not Buying A Cook Book with a title like this!

& DVDs

AND..this character  "Mr Methane"...I can't!Just say...No!
If you are brave enough...this is awful...LOL! 

Now,back to the MAIN SHOW...this guy really did exist! 
Le P├ętomane was the stage name of the French Flatulist (professional farter) and entertainer Joseph Pujol (June 1, 1857 – 1945). He was famous for his remarkable control of the abdominal muscles which enabled him to seemingly fart at will. He was the HIGHEST PAID Performer of all acts during his time! Some of the highlights of his stage act involved sound effects of cannon fire and thunderstorms, as well as playing"O Sole Mio"and"La Marseillaise"on an ocarina through a rubber tube in his anus. He could also blow out a candle from several yards away. His audience included Edward Prince of Wales;King Leopold II of the Belgians;and Sigmund Freud. 

1900 Early Silent Movie Clip_amazing since it could not be heard...RIGHT? 

In 1979 _The full short film biopic of Joseph Pujol act starring Leonard Rossiter . 

***Note the Nurses standing in the aisles.They were required at all of his performances because people laughed themselves into hysterical states & had to be taken to waiting kidding! 

As a Kid,I remember people playing jokes on folks with this trick_claiming something was wrong with their finger.If you pulled it there's a terrible sound & smell. I was always the one that would NOT do it! 

Lesson Learned...
“On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom.” ~Michel de Montaigne~ "The Complete Essays" (of which I've been reading for the last 3 years,tiny,tiny print,5 million pages & lots of Wisdom). 

Check out Side page "MENTAL-LOCITY"Column for the story behind "CRAPPER". Also, read a former Post that's related... 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Xtra!Xtra! Troops on Standby As "Blue Bell Ice Cream War" Escalates!!!

UNLESS,You've been under a rock somewhere or live in some of the other foreign States of America (except my Beloved New Hampshire) or other parts of the World ~WORD-Up ~The Nightmare is nearing the end.
Blue Bell Fans after four months of a recall linked to a listeria outbreak,seeing BB yanked off the shelves,totally disappearing,
months filled with speculation_Blue Bell will be returning to a SELECT FEW STORES starting August 31st! 
                                        Get Outta Here!

BUT,Here's The Deal: There’s a five-phase plan to bring Blue Bell to 15 states:
Phase One: Brenham, Houston and Austin, Texas, areas, as well as parts of Alabama, (Birmingham and Montgomery) where the product is being made, starting Aug. 31.
Phase Two: North central Texas and southern Oklahoma
Phase Three: Southwest Texas and central Oklahoma
Phase Four: The majority of Texas and southern Louisiana.
Phase Five: Complete the states of Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas and begin distribution in Arkansas, Florida, northern Louisiana and Mississippi. This phase will also include only parts of the following states: Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.
There aren’t any specific dates set for phases two through five. The timing of each phase will depend on product availability and when Blue Bell can properly service the customers in an area. 

There are a few things that a true Texan will forgive & forget_And,if you're one of our own,YOU WILL GET A SECOND CHANCE! Blue Bell Creameries opened it's doors in 1907 in Brenham ,Texas.Had a clean record of producing products that are eaten from "Cradle to Grave"since 1907...108 years of a clean record!
            They knew they were on to something back then!
"OTHER" Brands_Breyers,Blue Bunny,Dreyer's,etc.. jumped on the "bandwagon" to kick our Beloved BB while they were down.They advertised heavily on TV & in Print_ some of these brands I'd never heard of_we waited for our "OWN".But,there will be those that don't come back_Good-Riddance,NOT true Texans! Peach Cobbler without Blue Bell Ice Cream ...just Ain't Right! 
My Girls hooked me up for my "Jamaica Mon Birthday Partee" (2013). 
While we know it won't be_
                          & NOT from HIM 

We will be "Straight Outta Our Damn Minds" here in Texas when it arrives in stores! I can see it all now...Police guarding the Ice Cream Aisle in Grocery Stores,Yellow Police Tape,Open Carry Gunners walking in "bullying" folks when they load their shopping baskets with 20_1/2 gallon containers of BB,some CRAY-CRAY Women or Man saying_"Oh,No You Didn't"'s on...Drive by's,Troops are called in, Ted Cruz this Ain't Your Tea Party,it's All About Ice Cream_go away,Trump will give his take on it_"Let's Build a Wall Around these Counties with Blue Bell,no Women Allowed",FOX News will EXAGGERATE some Conspiracy Theory ,Major News Stations NBC,CBS,ABC will send their Anchors to cover the "LIVE ACTION",the BBC will produce an Educational Documentary on"The Crazy Texans Blue Bell Ice Cream War",signs will say "BLUE BELL LIVES MATTER"while dodging a Beat down from the Po-Po,people screaming_"It's Obama's Fault",Monsanto will offer help(ErMG,OMG!)'s gonna be BAD!  
**In recent weeks Blue Bell had its Alabama plant cleared by state health officials to return to production. The move allowed the company to recall workers and begin making ice cream again for the first time in nearly four months.

This Fella offers some advice on BB around 1:09 sec.

And to all our Guest in to cover the Story _BEWARE...

We want to see this in STORES NOW...

                     Nail Matchy,Matchy...that's how we roll!

                                "Don't Mess With Texas"
On a Personal Note,I'm just waiting for this...
Purchased 4 of these puppies last Christmas_shared one only! 
Peppermint Bark Blue Bell Ice Cream around November,look for it!

                "BREAKING NEWS"!!!!!!!!! 

   Atta Boy! All is Calm in Texas,once again..
When BB arrives,remember this Folks_

                   Y'all Come Back Now!

Monday, July 27, 2015

~A Few of My Favorite Things~

Just a few,I Promise...

1.Place...the State of New Hampshire where we lived for a short time_favorite town...
Harrisville,NH! Incorporated in 1870, the town of Harrisville  is a unique,preserved 19th-century mill town located in the Monadnock region of Southern New Hampshire.There are nine bodies of water in the town,many backroads and trails to explore,and two original train depots at Harrisville and Chesham.First known as Twitchell's Mills,a combination sawmill and gristmill was built in 1774. This was the view above while sitting on the porch looking across the Pond.It's a step back in peaceful times.

"The General Store" we had the most delicious Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich,Chips and Dessert! All made at the Front Meat Counter inside! 2010 Census: 961 peeps! 

2.Person living or deceased...My Dad (deceased) & my HS English Teacher,Mrs Cary (91 yrs old)
3.Food...Mexican or Italian Anything!

5.Magazine..."Victoria"_Late 80's through early 90's when Nancy Lindemeyer was Editor.I met her at a Harney & Sons Tea Conference in Rye,NY,5/98.

Nancy Lindmeyer(Editor in-Chief of Victoria Magazine) & The 
Sage Book Whisperer at Harney & Sons Tea Conference,Rye,NY.

6.Precious Stone...Emerald ( my birthstone) & Claddagh because my Wedding Band _given to me by my Husband when we married 20 years ago was a Claddagh Wedding Band! 

7.Celebrity...Tina Turner 

Who looks like that in their 70's? Not there yet ..but hoping to get a headstart on this body shape.Hehehehe!

8.Things To Do When Bored...Meditate
9.Time of Day...Late Night
10.Day of Week...Wednesday(My Beauty Day)
11.Animal...My Cat,Hank The Cowcat 

12.Flower...Lillies of the Valley(my birth month flowers) 

May's birth flower is the lily of the valley, which signifies sweetness, humility, and a return to happiness.

13.Music...Classical  & Old School 60's
14.New World Music...Lorena Mckennitt 

16.Book..I'm Reader of Books,Many Books,this will be hard. But, for years I've been a fan of any
of Edith Wharton's writings.As in Age of Innocence,House of Mirth_2013 Christmas presents below..HAPPY!And,I've only visited her home_The Mount in Lenox,Ma_three times!

17.Movie...The Age of Innocence or The Last of The Mohicans
20.Wine...Pinot Grigio or Noir & Cabernet Sauvignon 

22.TV Show...PBS Midsomer Murders
24.Quote..."The Truth Shall Set You Free"
26.Month...May!Duh,it's my Birthday!

Handful,Cobbler,Pie,Smoothie,etc...I use to pick them in my Grandmother's yard as child!!!!


Southern Cream Peas w/Cornbread,sliced Tomatoes,Onions & Pickled Beets! 

29.Ice Cream Flavor...Cabell's Vanilla Bean or Limoncello Gelato 
30.Dessert...Fruit Cobbler(Blackberry,Blueberry,Apple,Pear,Peach..)
Peach Cobbler w/ Chandelier Candles & Blue Bell at my "Jamaica Mon Birthday Party".

31.Childhood Pie & Cake...Mincemeat & My Grandmother's from scratch Coconut Cake!

Mincemeat Pie,YUM!!No one else liked it,so it was all MINE.

              Yummy,Yummy Coconut Cake! 

32.Language...German(1st yr.College) 
33.Things to learn
34.Things about myself...I still have a THIRST for Knowledge.
35.Historical Figure...Boethius his writings of which I read at the ripe age of 17 for an English Class .Book was "The Consolation of Philosophy"..Amazing that this book had a lasting impression on me at that age!

Summary Part IX..Philosophy wants to move on to what constitutes true happiness. Happiness is a wholeness that cannot be found in separate pieces. Self-sufficiency is an undivided state, and it includes in its own nature the power, fame, glory, and happiness that people think exist separately. If one pursues wealth without getting power and the other qualities, one will not gain sufficiency. 
Boethius replies that Philosophy must mean “true and perfect happiness is that which makes a man self-sufficient, strong, worthy of respect, glorious and joyful”.

36.Fashion/Style...Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 

 & Audrey Hepburn Style...

37.Article of clothing I own...Purchased this Dolman Sleeve Jacket/Duster while on Spa Vacation at The Bonaventure Spa & Resort,Fort Lauderdale,Fla. in 1988.Made by Silkscape,Inc called "Peace on Earth" depicts all the children of the World in Silk appliques..hand made pieces according to the Creator Lynn Weinberg.Now called LRW Designs. 

I still love this piece & get many compliments on it.It needs some care on the back & front_otherwise perfect condition. 
 38.My Ultimate look...
And,this was my Fashion/Style as a Freshman @ University of St.Thomas,Houston,Texas 1967

                     In New Orleans ,French Quarters,1967 

39.Can't Live without...PEARLS,REAL PEARLS! 

40. All time Favorite thing to do...READ

So,my Friends...I've Shared a Few!